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Meissner Consulting offers complete solutions for facility engineering and process development to users and prospective users of particle accelerators. Well networked with other internationally recognized experts we are your project partner from business plan development to process validation and operation.

With executive management experience and a PhD in nuclear physics, Dr. Jörn Meissner has a proven track record for business as well as technical solutions development. Managing Director Dr. Jörn Meissner has developed food and medical device sterilization applications, and participates in development of international standards.

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ASTRO 2023, Oct 1-4 in San Diego

Behind the scenes on proton therapy construction jobs

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Proton Therapy

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Radiological Safety & Impact

Shield Design Matters, PTCOG 59 – 2021


Radiation Shielding PTCOG 60 – 2022


Dr Meissner’s presentation at IMRP 2016